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Training Course “Understanding the implications of BREXIT on Trade: Frameworks for Analysis ” 3rd – 7th October 2016 University of Sussex, UK

We are delighted to announce that InterAnalysis will be running two courses this October on ‘Understanding the implications of BREXIT on trade: A framework of analysis’ at the Sussex Innovation Centre, University of Sussex, UK.

The two courses will be delivered over one week by our team of international trade specialists, including:

Professor Jim Rollo: Former Chief Economist of the UK’s Foreign Office, with extensive experience in trade policy and trade negotiation.

Dr Peter Holmes: Reader in Economics and is a specialist in European Integration.

Dr Michael Gasiorek: Senior Lecturer in Economics and is a specialist on international trade and development; and

Dr Maximiliano Mendez Parra: Research Fellow and leader of trade team at ODI.

We therefore have considerable experience in delivering training courses to government officials and practitioners around the world using our own rapid and robust trade analysis software TradeSift.


  • Introduction to TradeSift for Analysing Trade policy post Brexit

          3-day Course

          3rd – 5th October 2016

$760 per person (plus VAT where applicable)

Price includes lunch and refreshments, but excludes travel, accommodation and subsistence.

This 3 day course will focus on training in how to use TradeSift for the economic analysis of Brexit and the international trade policy towards third countries the UK will have to adopt if we leave the EU. The UK will have to consider not only its trade relations with the EU but its schedules at the WTO and which FTAs to prioritize as well as what its policy will be on preferences for LDCs. It will also need to look at rules of origin. As well as discussing the broader trade policy options for the UK and the EU, participants will be shown how to identify key products / sectors and trading partners that could be affected. The course will also show participants how to obtain data on international trade and tariffs and how to download and use this data in TradeSift, for example to see product by product what the EU Common External Tariff is, and how much trade could be affected by changes in tariffs. By the end of the course, participants will (a) have a clearer idea of what the options are for the EU and UK; (b) be able to identify possible impacts on trade for the UK, EU or third countries (c) have the skills to generate their own diagnostic analytical graphs and tables.


  • Analysing Brexit with Partial Equilibrium Modelling

       2-day course

       5th – 7th October 2016

$550 per person (plus VAT where applicable)
Price includes lunch and refreshments, but excludes travel, accommodation and subsistence.

TradeSift is designed to identify which product areas might be particularly sensitive to Brexit and the trade policy options that go with it, including the option of simple WTO membership. To get actual numbers for the impact on trade flows, Partial Equilibrium Models (PE) are very useful for simulating the possible impact of changes in tariffs and other taxes on trade, tariff revenue and welfare at a highly disaggregated level.  During this 2 day course participants will familiarise themselves with the TAPES and TRIST/SMART models which are fundamental tools for PE analysis. TAPES is our own versatile and easy to use partial equilibrium model, specially designed for the analysis of trade policies. Similarly to the TradeSift course the focus on this course will on simulating different possible Brexit scenarios. By the end of the course participants will be able to use PE Modelling to quantify the effect on the export, import and domestic markets, as well as on welfare and government revenue of changes in trade policy, including regional trade agreements. They will also receive their own simple Excel version of TAPES.


 “I must also thank you for your excellent deliveries during the training in Brighton.  As to the three modules I attended – TradeSift, Partial Equilibrium Modeling and Gravity Modeling, I must admit that the package was one of the best and useful courses I have ever attended; and I know that I will, at the appropriate time, put to good use the knowledge and tools acquired for the good of the COMESA region.” Participant from COMESA Secretariat

“We hope to see you again in the future, perhaps we can attend the other 2 training program(s) next year.” Participants from Ministry of National Development Planning, Indonesia


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International Trade Policy Courses - Autumn 2016


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