Past Training Courses

Courses Internationally
Course Name Month Year
ARISE Plus-Indonesia / Ministry of Trade, Jakarta, Indonesia December 2019
Ministry of Commerce and Tariff Commission, Dhaka, Bangladesh November 2019
Southern Africa Customs Union (SACU), Analysing International Trade Policy and Regionalism, Windhoek, Namibia April 2019
FCO, Trade Policy, Guangzhou & Beijing, China March 2019
Pakistan Regional Economic Integration Activity (PREIA), International Trade Data Analysis, Islamabad, Pakistan January 2019
Nigeria Office for Trade Negotiations, Trade Policy Analysis Training, Abuja, Nigeria December 2017
ECOWAS/CEDEAO, Workshop on International Trade In Services, Abidjan, C├┤te d’Ivoire August 2017
Customs Services of Maldives and the United Nations Statistics Division, Maldives April 2017
Canada-Ukraine Trade and Investment Support (CUTIS) Project, Ukraine February 2017
Trade Advocacy Fund (TAF), Kenya January 2016
Trade Advocacy Fund (TAF) TradeSift, Uganda January 2015
BIS (Department for Business Innovation & Skills), London January 2015
TAF, Burundi February 2015
BIS (Department for Business Innovation & Skills) Gravity Modelling, London May 2015
RIS, Myanmar May 2015
ECOWAS, Accra June 2015
ECOWAS, Senegal July 2015
GIZ (German Society for International Cooperation), Abuja September 2015
TEMASEK, Singapore 2 February 2014
Deloitte Pakistan National Trade Commission Training May 2014
RIS, Myanmar June 2014
IPS, Colombo November 2014
FCO Conflict Pool, Kathmandu January 2013
TAF-EAC, Arusha January 2013
COMSEC, St Lucia March 2013
COMSEC, Vanuatu August 2013
FCO Conflict Pool, Islamabad September 2013
WTI TAF, Gambia September 2013
FCO Prosperity Fund, India September 2013
IIFT, New Delhi February 2012
ECOWAS, Nigeria March 2012
SEADI, Indonesia March 2012
IIFT, New Delhi 2 July 2012
TEMASEK, Singapore November 2012
DFID, Tanzania February 2011
TRAPCA, Tanzania February 2011
DFID, Switzerland March 2011
DFID, Vietnam April 2011
ECOWAS, Gambia October 2011
TEMASEK, Singapore October 2011
DFID, United Kingdom September 2010
DFID, Ethiopia November 2010

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